How to Lower Blood Sugar without Insulin

High blood sugar level is the cause of many health problems as well as aging. Not only diabetes, but also cardiovascular health, muscle, other organs, and even psychological state could be influenced by blood sugar level. High blood sugar level could cause lack of energy, mood swing, and food craving. High blood sugar level happens when your body could not produce enough insulin or the insulin could not work effectively. Because the main job of insulin in body is regulating metabolism of glucose and fat, whole body system could influenced by lack of insulin inside body. Insulin injection is one-way to lower blood sugar level but very expensive. For diabetes type 1, external insulin is necessity but for diabetes 2 or people with different type of hyperglycemia, there are ways to lower blood sugar without insulin.

Start It with Exercise

Exercising is considered as one best way to lower blood sugar. Body use glucose as fuel. When you eat too much but you do not use it for energy, your blood sugar level will rise. When exercising, you will use the sugar for energy. Therefore, you can lower blood sugar level. You can exercise in about 20 to 30 minute on moderate level at least three days of the week. Strength training is also recommended because it is one important component to keep blood sugar level normal. However, you should be careful with your exercise. You should not over exercise because it would be dangerous for your health. If you rarely exercise, start it with something light first. Walking and running is a good start and then you can increase your exercise gradually. If you experience short of breath, nausea, dry mouth, and vomiting, you should stop exercise. You could have ketoacidosis because the body do not use glucose as fuel but break down fat for energy. When body breaks down fats, it would release ketones. When ketones build up in blood, you can have ketoacidosis. Check your urine for ketone and do not exercise if the result is positive.

Control Your Diet

Because blood level rise when you eat too much of anything contain glucose and high calorie ingredients, the other way to lower blood sugar is to control your diet. You should reduce carbohydrate source, anything with high glycemic index, and high calorie foods and drinks. Eat more vegetable and high fiber foods. Whole-wheat foods are better carbohydrate sources. Avoid cream and unhealthy fats. Choose lean meat and fish. Drink water and reduce sugar on your drink. Take proper portion of foods that known good help in controlling blood sugar level. The foods are oatmeal, sweet potato, strawberry, broccoli, spinach, green bean, and cinnamon. You can put them on your diet menu. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to keep your menu in balance and eat less but more often. Do not eat big at a time because it will raise your sugar blood fast although you only eat twice a day.

Better with Natural Supplement

If exercising and diet are not enough to help you lower blood sugar level, you can take supplement to help you. Many supplements to lower blood sugar level are widely available in drug stores or medicine counters. When you choose supplement, try to find all natural supplement with no side effect. Natural supplement is better than medicine. One proven supplement to improve blood sugar level is BLOOD SUGAR OPTIMIZER. The supplement is result of more than 50 years of research. It is made from 100% natural product without harmful drug. Over 9 years, thousands people have been taking this supplement. They are satisfied with the result and recommended it to other people who are diabetes, pre-diabetes, or tested to have high blood sugar level recently.

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